Widow Report

It has been almost two years now. Many of you wonder how I am doing. I am doing quite well!

Some have asked if I am ready to date. I have absolutely no inclination to date at all. Don loved me thoroughly and well; my cup is full!  The Lord has blessed me with many fun dear ladies to do stuff with, so I have no void in the companionship arena.

Recently I wondered, Where does all my time go? So today I did a rough tally of regularly scheduled items. I do volunteer things 26 hours a month. I am involved in meetings/lunch groups/church 38 hours a month. I spend every Saturday afternoon with my 9-year old grandson, Robbie, so there is 24 hours a month. I enjoy getting outside at least 5 days a week to bike/kayak/walk, so that equals 20 hours a month. Grand total: 108 hours/month!

I’m involved with two lineage organizations, DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution, through my dad’s mother’s line), DRT (Daughters of the Republic of Texas, through my mom’s mother’s line). I’m involved with the Carrollton Women’s Club (raises money for scholarships) and the Retired School Personnel Association. I’m in a ladies Bible study and an evening church couples group (though several of us are widows). I’m in two book groups, two canasta (cards) groups, four formal/informal lunch groups. I have duties in almost all of these: I’m recording secretary for two of them, I do webpages for two of them, newsletter/communication for one, discussion leader for two.

I don’t think I ever realized how very social I am!!  And I’m having lots of fun!

The Lord has blessed me immensely in my widowhood with wonderful family, enjoyable friends, good health, and meaningful pastimes. Thank you for your part in that! I pray many blessings and joy for you in 2016!


All of Don’s Christmas paintings!

Wonderfully supportive family and friends, Merry Christmas!!

I’ve posted all of Don’s Christmas paintings for your enjoyment!  https://lyn2don.wordpress.com/dons-christmas…ings-1996-2012/

I am doing well. I’ve taken up kayaking, added to my biking and other activities. I like kayaking so well that I’ve bought a kayak. And, consequently, had to clean up the garage so as to have a place to store it. Those of you who’ve toured my house know that the garage was Don’s wood workshop. Well, I spent hours and hours vacuuming up sawdust! and, sorting Don’s tools and drill bits, etc. It was a sweet time handling all his tools, reflecting upon all the many many hours of enjoyment he had creating things.

Wishing you all a joy-filled 2015!


Almost 3 months


It has been almost 3 months since Don left to be with our awesome creator, Lord Jesus.  I know he is doing well!  And so am I.  The Lord has blessed me with his grace and peace, and with the love of you all!

I am reminded again today of how blessed I am as I visited with a new friend at our DRT workshop in Ft Worth (Daughters of the Republic of Texas — Mom’s people helped settle Texas in the 1800s). This friend was telling me how she, too, lost her husband, but hers was a suicide, and still with a child at home. My experiences could have been so much worse.

I have been active and traveling. I have another trip later this month to Denver for my niece’s wedding (my older brother Rick’s daughter Debbie).  And in September son Richard and I will be going to England and Scotland.  Both of us have been to London before, but this time we will rent a car and travel around England. Among other things we’ll go to the town my grandfather came from (he emigrated to America when he was 12 — this is my Dad’s dad). And, Abercrombie is a Scottish name, so we want to check out Scotland, even though we know no specific locations for Don’s ancestors.

My younger brother Tom (and then our Carrollton Senior Center) put me onto a book, “Younger Next Year” (by Crowley & Lodge). It has me all pumped and eager to get on a new fitness routine. I’ve always been a 30-minutes-3-times-a-week person. But, these authors advocate 45 minutes, 6 times a week.  And they make a very convincing case for it in terms of how you will feel.  They say: Everyone has to age, but not everyone has to rot!!  If nothing else, it has given me a new focus (now that my caretaker role is over) as I am making this transition to widowhood.

Here I am on my new bike! I can’t believe I am just now exploring the lovely bike trails Carrollton has!

Biker Lyn Shadow

If I’ve peaked your interest about this book, here are the authors’ 7 rules:
1.  Exercise 6 days a week for the rest of your life.
2.  Do serious aerobic exercise 4 days a week for the rest of your life.
3.  Do serious strength training, with weights, 2 days a week for the rest of your life.
4.  Spend less than you make.
5.  Quit eating crap!
6.  Care.
7.  Connect and commit.
And, they make it clear: it’s Younger next *year*, not next *week*!

Here are more bike pictures:

Lyn, Bike, and the Trail

Love you! and God bless!!


I am doing well

I am doing well
June 6, 2014, Friday

It has been almost 4 weeks now. I am doing well. The kids are doing ok. Seven-yr-old Robbie seems to be doing fine.

Either it has not yet hit me; or, I’ve been losing Don bit-by-bit over such a long time, that there is not as great an adjustment.

At any rate, I’m doing well. My sister Kitty and I flew to Phoenix last weekend for a family gathering (Mom’s cousins and their families). It was good to get away.

I can never thank you enough for all your love, prayers, and encouragement!!

I might post from time to time as to how things are going. If you no longer want to “follow”, you can unsubscribe by going to the actual blog (click on one of the blue words, or go to https://lyn2don.wordpress.com/) and look on the right side of the screen (I think that is where it is???)

God bless!!


Audio of Funeral

Audio of Funeral
May 26, 2014, Monday

Not only did my helper get audio of the funeral for me, she was also able to surreptitiously get video.  Here are the speakers:

Speakers at funeral

Video links:

1. Welcome and prayer by Bruce Decker  3:08 min.   http://youtu.be/XRKOOySnz80

2. Praise to the Lord the Almighty sung by congregants, led by Henry Brunner, and
Psalm 100 read by congregants  
2:38 min.   http://youtu.be/Jp4MOuo1Kg8

3. intro, tribute by Ron Womack  3:43 min.  http://youtu.be/Yp2qypzEP8c

4. intro, tribute by Bill Harter   3 min.   http://youtu.be/uLWxviY4JxA

5. tribute by Steve Hodges read by son David  4:35 min.   http://youtu.be/lW6INJ9YjXc

6. tribute by son Scot  3:37 min.   http://youtu.be/cID5zqw2IiA

7. words by Bruce Decker  6:11 min.   http://youtu.be/BUaynFTedCQ

8. Ps 37:3-7 read by Kitty Wilson, and
    Great is They Faithfulness sung by congregants  5:05 min.   http://youtu.be/a_huwXoufgM

9. Closing prayer  2 min.   http://youtu.be/L0D2BXq8OuQ

Much thanks to all who were able to be with us at the funeral; your presence meant so much.

Thank you, Anne, for the video.


May 16, 2014, Friday

Nicole and Jake, and Nancy (Scot’s wife) left yesterday. Scot left this evening. We had good times of laughing and crying, watching old home movies and looking at photos, telling stories and reminiscing.

I’ve been to the gravesite each day, checking on the flowers on the grave (still beautiful!!), and just wanting to be there.

The funeral Tuesday was lovely.  Thank you to all who were able to share this time with us; we so appreciated your expressions of love and sympathy.

Those of you unable to attend will appreciate that we *did* put a cigar in Don’s hand. In fact, the kids wanted me to take their picture next to the casket — with cigars in each of their hands!

IMG_4968 w cigars, best


A friend audio-recorded parts of the service. In a few days, possibly, I’ll try to post that.

Below is a graveside photo.

Graveside - Full - IMG_3902  crop

Some of you have forgotten (or never knew) that there are photo links on my blog homepage. Some of the photos shown during the Viewing are here.  If you are receiving this as an email in your Inbox, look towards the bottom of the email and you should see my name, “Lyn”, in blue (right above the “Comment” button. Click on “Lyn”, and that should take you to my blog’s homescreen. Then, look towards the top; you should see “3. PHOTOS OF DON THROUGH THE YEARS”.

I might post more photos in a few days; if I do, I’ll make another post to you.

Love you all!  Thank you again for all you love, prayers, and encouragement!!


Don’s obit

Don’s obit
May 11, 2014, Sunday

Don’s funeral services will be Tuesday, May 13, at Rhoton Funeral Home, 1511 S. I-35E, at Crosby Road (NE corner), Carrollton. The Viewing will be at 1 p.m. followed by the funeral service at 2 p.m., then graveside at Hilltop Memorial Park, Carrollton.

Don’s Obituary

Don 2 pics, younger, older2

Donald L. Abercrombie, age 77, went to be with our Lord Jesus on May 11, 2014 after a lengthy illness with lung cancer which metastasized to his brain. He was born 1937 in his grandmother’s house near Henderson, Texas. Predeceased by his sister Carol Sue in 1940 (she died at birth), father A.D. Abercrombie in 1942, step-father Edd Crow in 1991, brother Bobby Abercrombie in 1993, and mother Mattie Holland Abercrombie Crow in 2005. Survived by his wife of 38 years, Lyn; sons Scot (Nancy) of Denver, and Richard; daughters Nicole (Jake LaBarre) of Seattle, and Holland (Bob Hammers); grandson Robbie Hammers; and brother Paul Crow (Helen) of Pennsylvania.

Don was loved by all, including all babies, all sales clerks, and all medical personnel! He was a proud member of the Theta Chi fraternity and The Rotary Club of Dallas. He grew up in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas (Winnetka Elem., Greiner JH, Sunset HS); attended UTA (then, Arlington Jr College) and graduated from UNT (then, North Texas State College); served in the Navy Reserves.  His career was as an accountant for various companies including TI, and Mostek; then with his brothers in the family business, Crow Bros Heating and Air Conditioning; and finally as a CPA in private practice.

In retirement he learned to paint, amassing a huge portfolio in various media; and perfected his woodworking talents whittling amusing figurines and, for his grandson, building various wooden vehicles.

The service will be Tuesday, May 13, at Rhoton Funeral Home, 1511 S. I-35E, at Crosby Road (NE corner), Carrollton. The Viewing will be at 1 p.m. followed by the funeral service at 2 p.m., then graveside at Hilltop Memorial Park, Carrollton.

Send flower tributes to the funeral home. Memorial contributions in remembrance of Don may be directed to UT Southwestern Medical Center, P. O. Box 910888, Dallas, TX 75391-0888 or online at www.utsouthwestern.edu/donatenow  to support the Hamon Center for Therapeutic Oncology Research.  (They request that you make checks payable to UT Southwestern Medical Center.)


Don has died

Don has died
May 11, 2014, Sunday

We are rejoicing!  Don has gone to his eternal home with our amazing God!  He is ill no longer! We are praising God it went fast!

He passed peacefully here at home in the presence of me and our older daughter Nicole (and the hospice nurse) at 2:15 a.m. I was then able to spend a couple of hours with the body — oh, how I loved that body! The funeral home came to get his body around 5 a.m.

We meet with them later this afternoon. We are shooting for a funeral on Tuesday. Something like a viewing at 1 p.m. followed by the service at 2 p.m., then on to graveside.

Did you know that the Dallas Morning News is closed on Sunday?! Therefore, no obit can appear in the paper tomorrow. I will post the info here on my blog (as well as in the paper Tuesday).

Thank all of you again so very much for your constant prayers, love, and encouragement. It has meant so much to Don and to me.

Crisis care has begun

Crisis care has begun
May 10, 2014, Saturday

When I pulled back Don’s sheets this morning at 10:30 a.m., I saw that his legs were blotchy purple.  He was burning up hot — fever of 102.  He’d been having really fast breathing since 6 a.m. (and probably earlier, but 6 a.m. was when I woke and noticed it).  All are “signs.” No, he has not been awake since yesterday afternoon.

I called hospice, and it is time to begin 24 hour care. He’s had his first morphine. He might depart us today, tomorrow, or the next day.

Pray that it goes smoothly and painlessly.

Praising God for your support!  Love you!!

P.S.  No, we are not in need of anything at this time.


May 9, 2014, Friday

Our hospice nurse yesterday is now thinking “1 to 2 weeks.” Don was very fidgety yesterday and had a slight gurgle in his breathing — signs. The fidgetiness signals discomfort. There is a medicine for it that we have begun using. It relaxes him, but can also make him sleepy. The gurgle means he is no longer swallowing properly. Since drinking fluids is now more difficult, one of the tools that is helpful is a tiny-sponge-on-a-stick with which you moisten his mouth. This morning the aide brought me a bunch of them in a red solo cup.

Which bouquet do you like better?

Mothers Day bouquet

“A” is the sponges-on-a-stick.  “B” was brought to my yesterday by my sweet sister, Kitty!

Happy Mothers Day to you mothers!!  God bless!

The Lord is good!